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Concrete, Pumping, Formwork, Mudjacking and More in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Superior Concrete Pumping is a locally owned family company that has thrived since 1979, and we pride ourselves on our efficiency and quality. We’ll combine the customer care and personalized service of a family operation with the experience of a well-established business.

Contact us today if you’re ready to get started, or if you’d like to request a price quote depending on the services you require. We offer a range of trusted concrete services, including:

Concrete Finishing

Finishing is the step that happens after concrete has been poured into its intended spot. We use hand floats, bull floats, trowels, fresnos, edgers and more to smooth out the concrete so that it dries with a clean and tidy look. Moving concrete is heavy-duty work, but finishing takes a delicate touch and an eye for details.


Concrete Pumping

When we do concrete pumping, we move liquid concrete via a mechanical pumping mechanism. We can efficiently pump it to where it needs to go. Our trucks are both maneuverable and heavy-duty, allowing us to complete large jobs on nearly any type of worksite.



Also known as “slabjacking” or “pressure grouting,” mudjacking refers to raising sunken concrete by pumping it with grout, which lifts it up from below. We drill small access holes in the concrete in order to maximize lift; when we insert grout, it works its way into the empty space and helps to raise and level the concrete. It’s a quick job and we patch up the holes afterwards. We offer this service for residential and commercial clients.


Concrete Formwork

Formwork is when we pour concrete into a mould. This is a common process for making slabs, sturdy foundations and a range of other applications. In concrete construction, the form – that is, the mould that is used to provide the shape and structure of the concrete – can either be permanent or removable after a few days.


Concrete Placing

Whether it is in liquid or solid form, concrete is extremely heavy. It weighs over 2,400 kg per cubic metre, meaning that you will want to have it placed as close as possible to its final spot. By taking special care to place concrete in the perfect spot, we’ll save you both time and labour.


Site Preparation

We can prepare your site for our concrete work. We’ll do site excavation, forming and rebar work. We’ve even have certified carpenters on staff who can help get the site ready for our pumping work.


Loop Belt

A loop belt is a conveyor that is used for back-filling, goes out 110 metres and can be moved easily and far away. It helps in putting rock down for foundations, laying groundwork, and for weeping tile rocks and oil fields.


Stone Slinging

Stone slingers are big dump trucks that dump material and can throw rocks. They also include a small conveyor that places materials.


Oilfield Hauling

We can haul rigs, shacks, doghouses, barrels, tanks, skids, and piping using winch tractors and trailers.


Get Pumped!

Let us handle your concrete, from pumping to finishing.

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